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Siris Development, Inc is a US based software development outsourcing company located in the Panhandle of Florida.

SDI was originally conceived as a web consulting service in 2001. In 2002 the business moved into low gear for a while, providing software consulting services to a local mortgage business. In late 2010, the company returned its focus to software development and was dedicated primarily to mobile apps.

The first app was released on the Android Market (now Google Play) during the first few days of 2011. It was a text messaging app. Since then the company has grown to over 40 apps with cumulative downloads over 2 million. SDI apps serve about 50 million ads a month and are continuously adding new and exciting products to the portfolio.

SDI has extensive experience with Google Play, Google Analytics, Flurry, MoPub, Millennial Media, AdMob, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), Amazon Device Messaging (ADM), and Placed. Currently SDI develops end-to-end app solutions that include websites, messaging services, data collection, authentication, etc. using technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Perl, PHP, Javascript, Java, MySQL, SQLite.

We enjoy developing apps with an intense focus on user experience using tools like analytics and A/B testing. We also develop features incrementally and rapidly, so we know when a feature is worth pursuing without large investments in time and money. We have a very agile development approach and enjoy the fast paced nature of mobile technology.