Core values

The most significant things about Siris Developement, Inc are our unique culture and explicit values. They guide how we behave and make successful decisions, they ensure that we are a great company that attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional people. We are a value-driven organization, for us this means:


Everything we do is motivated by dedication, constant improvement in efficiency and the desire to achieve perfect results. Time is the most valuable form of capital and we should use it efficiently and effectively. Steady improvement in everything we do, and searching for better ways and new opportunities, leads to innovation in values, which in turn brings about more improvement in what we do. We set new standards for the IT industry.

Trust and Confidence

We are creating a company based on trust, mutual respect, honesty and openness. By paying close attention to developing a positive, careful and respectful attitude to our partners, customers and employees, we build long-term relationships based on transparency and openness. And these values in turn require of us that we keep our promises and do our job efficiently and professionally.

Customer Focus

Thanks to our customers, we exist as a unified whole. Everyone in the company has their own customers, both external and internal. We need to maintain an excellent level of service, to listen and pay attention to any and all feedback and recommendations, and to be useful and necessary to our customers. Interaction with us should give rise to only the most positive emotions in our clients.

Driving People

The company is a living organism of which each employee is an integral part. We fill our team with people who are overflowing with enthusiasm. We want our employees to be fully involved in and proud of what they do and dedicated to our common cause. Together we are confident that we are involved in creating a first-class company!